Work Injuries

Work Injuries

Over 1 million workers are injured on the job each year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  In 2012, 4,383 workers were killed on the job. Work sites can be very dangerous – especially construction and industrial sites.

Work injuries can be devastating to injured workers and their families. No worker should put in an unreasonably dangerous situation – where he or she has to put his or her body and life at risk to provide for their family and themselves. However, many corporations put profits before others safety by putting their workers and others at an unreasonable risk of serious injury or worse. And the reality is that many work injuries are foreseeable and preventable – if those in charge just exercised reasonable care.

If you were hurt in a work accident that wasn’t your fault – you’re likely owed money under Indiana law. In Indiana, recovery against an injured worker’s employer is likely limited under the caps set out under Indiana’s Workers’ Compensation Act.  However, an injured worker may also have claims against third parties that were responsible for his or her injuries. Those claims against responsible third parties are not subject to the Workers’ Compensation Act’s limited damage caps.

At-fault third-parties can be responsible for damages such as: (1) pain and suffering;  (2) physical impairment; (3) disfigurement; (4) medical expenses; (5) lost wages; (6) lost earning capacity; (7) loss of enjoyment of life; and (8) possibly other damages you’ve suffered.

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