Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-Truck Accidents

Commercial truck accidents often cause devastating injuries or worse. Commercial trucks not only include the semi-trucks or the tractor-trailers you see on highways. They also include the delivery service trucks you see around town, such as from: UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Commercial trucks are much bigger and dangerously heavier than regular passenger cars and trucks. And when they're carelessly operated, they can easily cause devastating injuries.

Truck drivers may be under big pressure to meet deadlines and quotas. Those deadlines and quotas can encourage aggressive, careless, and dangerous driving in order to make their deliveries. As a result, careless truck drivers’ acts and trucking companies that puts profits before safety can cause serious injuries, excruciating pain, substantial medical bills, lost income, or even worse. We hope you're never in that position. But if something happened – call Attorney Dave Cox.

At Cox Law Office, Attorney Dave Cox is focused on and dedicated to getting fair and just results for commercial-truck accident victims and their families. 

In semi-truck accident cases, negligence law and federal, state, and local regulations usually determine who’s responsible for damages. In Indiana, truck drivers and trucking companies must not only exercise the same care that a reasonable person would exercise under similar circumstances, they must also follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regulations. If a truck driver or a trucking company failed to exercise that reasonable care or violated a regulation and caused damages – they’ll likely owe compensation / money to the victims.

Commercial truck accidents are caused in many ways. But they’re most commonly caused by a careless truck driver or trucking company that: (1) drove distracted – which includes: texting, talking on a cell phone, grooming, etc.; (2) drove behind someone too closely; (3) disregarded weather conditions; (4) disregarded traffic signals; (5) drove too fast; (6) drove under the influence of drugs or alcohol; (7) made turns that were too sharp; (8) failed to properly maintain their truck; (9) failed to properly train their driver; or (9) drove fatigued or sick. 

If you were injured in a truck accident that wasn’t your fault – you’re likely owed money under Indiana law. Negligent truck drivers and trucking companies can be responsible for damages such as: (1) pain and suffering; (2) physical impairment; (3) disfigurement; (4) medical expenses; (5) lost wages; (6) lost earning capacity; (7) loss of enjoyment of life; (8) property damage; (9) your vehicle’s diminished value; and (10) possibly other damages you’ve suffered.

The insurance companies’ adjusters are trained and focused on minimizing their company’s liability. In other words, most of them are focused on paying victims as little as possible. Insurance companies are corporations. And they’re primary objective is usually to maximize their shareholders’ profits. So, they collect as much as the market will allow and pay out as little as the law will allow.

Commercial truck accident victims are entitled to recover the damages they suffered and will suffer in the future under Indiana law. Generally, there are no mulligans in semi-truck accident cases. You generally have one shot at a fair recovery. Indiana Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Dave Cox is seriously dedicated to representing semi-truck accident victims and making sure they’re paid fair and just compensation for their losses. If you need a truck accident lawyer, please call or text Cox Law Office at (219) CALL-COX -- (225-5269) -- or you can request a case evaluation here at